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Some business is suspended.

Studio relocation work is completed.

A new distribution studio has been added.

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Chill Familia Studio

A and K International, Inc.

basic principle

To be a creative group at all times

Creating the future with a new way of life

A and K International, Inc.
Initiatives for SDGs

Organize SDGs promotion team in-house

A and K International, Inc. wants all our customers to be satisfied, fair and enjoyable.

I value it above all.

The SDGs promotion team held an SDGs training in 2021.01.10.

Incorporating the opinions gathered, we will consider the commitment that the SDGs promotion team will work on in the future.

We are working to incorporate specific efforts into each business division.

It is a part of the past video work.

Due to copyright issues and contractual arrangements, the footage posted here is limited.

For details, please use the inquiry form.


Chill Familia Studio is a gathering of friends

It all started with scribbling ideas on paper.

We offer innovative technologies and services and excellent solutions

We provide it to companies of all sizes.

From design and construction of new stores by space coordination

Our staff is consistently responsible and creative.

Also, youtuber planning, shooting, editing, branding

It is also possible for our professional staff to consistently consult with you.

Other than that, shooting and creating an introduction video of a company, creating a flyer,

It covers a wide range of products such as various product designs.

Also, as a distribution studio,

Live distribution of seminars and events (VR distribution is also supported), video content production, program recording,

CM creation Music production, equipment for various recordings, etc.

It is a studio that can be used for various purposes.

Tables and chairs for shooting, green background, return monitor, lighting,

Equipped with internet access and other equipment as standard

Video cameras and video switchers, microphones, professional monitors,

Commercial recorders, various converters / splitters / cables, projectors,

Required for live distribution, recording, and editing of DJ equipment, iMac, MacPro, etc.

We can also handle the setup and operation of a series of shooting / delivery equipment specialists.

Optional, professional quality by professional staff

It is also possible to operate a set of shooting / distribution equipment.

Also, simultaneous distribution to two platforms, etc.

It can be used with various options such as our original operation.

Excellent staff will help you with your expression.

Today, we continue to serve our customers around the world with smart and innovative services.

We believe that Chill Familia Studio's solution will soon be the industry's greatest weapon.

We are just getting started, but to make something,

The technology acquired through hard work, dedicated efforts, and bold attitude

I understand that it is necessary.

As a result of listening carefully to the voices of potential customers and investigating what they expect from the service

Our solution was born.

Understand and analyze information to meet changing market needs

We are customizing the service content.

The number of customers using our solutions is increasing rapidly.

Behind the success of the media startups we're involved with

If you would like to know about our unique smart technology

Please use the site, email, or phone.

Contact Us

We look forward to hearing from you.

Details of our business and services

Various designs, various store designs,

Various shooting, matching service for corporate projects,

VR video shooting, editing, distribution, drone aerial shooting, editing,

Live distribution that can be distributed simultaneously to multiple platforms, etc.

Let me design anything else.

Please feel free to contact us.

Studio reservations are accepted by email.

The transmission is complete.

Chill Familia Studio

A and K International, Inc.

Yubinbango651-0094, Chuo-ku, Kobe Kotonoo-cho 4-10-19-101

Tel: 050-3700-5656